One of the most important anti-aging weapons in your arsenal is making sure your skin is nourished and protected from the environmental aggressors that its subjected to each and every day. Choosing the right day cream helps to protect your skin from damage caused by makeup, harmful UV rays and stresses caused by wind and weather. Most importantly it protects the skin from free radical damage as well as ensuring that your skin is hydrated and feels soft throughout the day. Many consumers ask themselves if they really need a separate day moisturiser, but the truth is your skin needs specific and added protection every single day, irrespective of whether you go out or stay indoors.

It became our mission at Proaora to provide targeted and scientifically proven products that transform skin and deliver immediate and long-term results at an accessible price. When creating the Proaora Skincare Instant Lifting Day Face Cream we knew it needed to provide daily protection whilst being perfect to sit underneath makeup and SPF. Safe to say we are incredibly proud of the results!

The Proaora Instant Lifting Day Face Cream is lightweight and sinks into the skin almost immediately, making it perfect for those amongst you who don’t like a residue left on the skin after application. The formula is enriched with stable Vitamin C, Astaxanthin & Liftonin® Xpress, to intensively rebuild the skin and stimulate collagen production leaving you with increased hydration, elasticity, evenness, and younger looking skin each morning. If you’ve seen our previous blog all about nature’s most powerful antioxidant you’ll know that Astaxanthin, pronounced ‘as-ta-zan-thin’ (you’re welcome), is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the regeneration of the epidermis. This carotenoid (derived from micro algae) protects against free radicals and UV damage helping to prevent the creation of new premature aging. Patented Liftonin® Xpress provides an instant lifting and restorative affect. It’s no wonder that with this in mind, this combination of powerhouse ingredients have become the central cornerstone of all our innovative products.  Sounds pretty impressive, right?


Just as with all our products, we’d recommend conducting a patch test 24 hours before intended use, as is advisable with all new skincare. Astaxanthin is potentially not an ingredient you may have come across before so it’s important to check it suits you and your skin.  Use as part of your morning skincare routine, making sure to first cleanse effectively, acid tone (if applicable to you) and apply your Proaora serum of choice. We’d wholeheartedly recommend either our Vitamin C or Snail Essence serum. Allow your products to sink into the skin and then apply the Proaora Instant Lifting Day Face Cream to lock in all the goodness from your routine and provide a protective barrier throughout the day. We almost forgot, make sure to apply your separate SPF to be entirely UVA and UVB protected.


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