I love all three of the skincare products

I was recently gifted some fabulous new skincare by @proaora and I've been testing it out for the last three weeks on my 50 year old face!

As you can see I was given three items to try and I have been blown away with the results so far!  Firstly I was interested by a new ingredient I hadn't heard of before which feature in their products.  It's called Astaxanthin which is a naturally powerful ingredient that is clinically proven to increase skin moisture, moisture retention, elasticity and it also promotes skin smoothness and decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. The other key ingredient was Vitamin C which I noticed immediately gives you younger looking, glowier, brighter skin!  Yes please! 😁

I love all three of the skincare products and know I will continue with them.  I haven't been sleeping well which does affect my skin and it still looked fine!  My make up also looks much better sitting on happier skin!
The snail gel sounds strange but was my favourite product - it's very thin in consistency and smoothes on very well and has so many plus points to it including containing 97% natural ingredients, accelerating the healing of damaged tissues, reducing the depth of facial wrinkles and smoothing the skin's surface.  It also helps improve the skin's condition from acne scars!  The night cream is also deeply moisturising, contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and smells amazing!

Please do check them out as their price point is excellent (most items are around the £20 mark) and all products are generously sized and are suitable for all skin types. All ingredients are listed on the website.

If I haven't convinced you already for those in the UK there's free postage!  Proaora do ship internationally too.

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