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Proaora Instant Lifting Day Face Cream is classified under the category of anti-aging and rejuvenation products . The product relies on astaxanthin and vitamin C, through which it works to stimulate collagen production , resulting in tight, moisturized, more elastic skin, and overall with A fresher, younger look.

Proaora Instant Lifting Day Face Cream with Astaxanthin includes many other active ingredients, foremost of which is carotene derived from microalgae, which plays an effective role in protecting against free radicals and UV damage.

    1. The product is to be used on clean skin.
    2. A small amount of it is applied to the skin. - Snail slime is the new anti-ageing ingredient

Anti-ageing has always been the ultimate buzzword in skincare and now there is a new all-powerful ingredient that’s taking the beauty world by storm; snail slime.

You read right, snail slime is the latest way to combat fine lines and wrinkles and reveal beautifully youthful, hydrated and even skin.

Before we get into it a small disclaimer, snail slime (snail filtrate) is a naturally produced substance and obtained without any harm to the shelled critters.

What exactly is snail slime? You know that shiny trail of slime left behind on solid surfaces; well that’s the good stuff. The purpose of the slime is to keep the snail’s body healthy and hydrated as well as to slow down friction so they can move more easily. Widely used in Korean skincare, snail filtrate is packed with collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, and antimicrobial and copper peptides, which protect from damage, infection, dryness, and UV rays.

It is phenomenal for treating all kinds of skin concerns including sensitivity, dehydration, redness, and irritation. Those with ageing skin will notice plumper, healthier and brighter skin with reduced fine lines.

If getting your snail slime fix at home is more preferable than having live snails crawl across your face as part of a facial (yes, that’s a real thing!) then the Proaora Snail Essence Facial Gel with Astaxanthin is the one for you. Rumour has it even Emily Ratajkowski attributes her flawless skin to this goodness! This  serum is packed with 97 per cent natural ingredients including astaxanthin, glycolic acid and allantoin, and skin is revealed as brighter and fresher. Astaxanthin is a naturally derived ingredient primarily present in marine life and is clinically proven to increase skin moisture, moisture retention and elasticity, as well as promote skin smoothness and decreasing fine line s and wrinkles. Never fear, the snail filtrate is filtered multiple times to increase its concentration and purity.

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